Taylor Beach Wedding


I don't even know where to begin. I have tried typing this several times now. Haley and Jacob have been wanting to "elope" for some time now. After being together 8 or so years and two kids already, it was over due! Well, just a couple weeks prior, it was decided. THE ELOPEMENT!! Haley and Jacob already had plans to go to Florida, so why not make it worth the trip? Of course a beach wedding is a spectacular idea!!! Well, it really truly was so beautiful. We may just leave out the part about the 104 degree weather and her doing it at NOON!!!! ;) 

We made the absolute BEST of the heat at this time of the day and it was the most simple and laid back wedding I have yet to go to. It was definitely simplistic. Haley even got dunked in the water!! I think we were all a bit jealous that they got to escape the heat for a second. Her vail even caught us some tiny fish... don't worry, we got them out and they were freed.

Enjoy a handful of images selected for the blog. It's okay, you can tear up. I know I did. <3